Monday, July 11, 2016

Upper Cervical Specific Adjustments

Upper Cervical Specific Adjustments
Problems the cervical spine (the spinal bones of your neck) can cause more than just neck pain. They can also cause neck, upper back, and shoulder/arm pain in addition to headaches and difficulty concentrating. If you have these or other symptoms, Dr. Adrian Gaviglio can use cervical spine adjustments to reduce pain, discomfort, and affected range of motion.

Could I Benefit From Cervical-Specific Adjustments?
It’s true that not every patient that comes to Dr. Gaviglio’s Waterford, MI, chiropractic office can benefit from cervical-specific adjustments. This is why he always performs a thorough physical examination of the neck, back, and overall spine before doing any adjustments.

However, a large majority of patients with neck pain can and do benefit from adjustments at Dr. Gaviglio’s office. Examples of common symptoms his patients may report include:
• Headaches and muscle tension due to neck pain
• Neck stiffness
• Numbness and/or tingling
• Shoulder pain and weakness
• Tingling or numbness at the very bottom of the neck
• Weakness in the biceps muscles 

These symptoms may stem from conditions such as herniated disc, bone spurs, pinched nerve, whiplash, and muscle strains/sprains.

How These Work
Dr. Gaviglio performs target upper cervical spine adjustments with the goals of reducing pain and enhancing range of motion to the head and neck. He does this through cervical spinal manipulation, which are very purposeful movements and forces exerted on the neck to restore balance and stabilization to the neck.

These manipulations vary based on the patient and his or her unique symptoms. With repeated adjustments, however, Waterford residents can experience relief.

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